Best Messages to Include On Your Invoices to Improve Client Communications

Best Messages to Include On Your Invoices to Improve Client Communications

Invoices are pretty important for your business — regardless of its industry or size. Without them, you aren’t going to get compensated for the goods or services that you provide. Consider that when you don’t have money coming in the door, it’s tough to stay-in-business.

But, invoices can be more than just getting paid. They can be a marketing tool that can build long-lasting relationships with your clients. How? By including the following messages:

How? By including the following messages:

A Thank You
It’s been found that including a simple phrase like “please pay your invoice within” or “thank you for your business” can increase the percentage of invoices that are paid by more than 5 percent. But, why not take it the next level by personalizing this message?

For example, you could handwrite a message such as, “Thank you for being our customer since 2013. I look forward to serving you shortly.”

It’s a small gesture that can build your relationship since it adds that personal touch and familiarity with your clients, as well as demonstrates how sincere you are about their ongoing business.

Instead of coldly stating when a payment is due, take the time to share the benefits of paying the invoice early by composing a message like, “Thank you for your business! Remember you can save 10 percent if you pay this bill within ten days.” This is a win-win for both parties. It helps you get paid faster, which is keeps the cash flowing into your business, and it saves your client some money.

Another incentive that you can provide an incentive to your clients is by offering them a discount on future goods or services if they refer you to a family member, friend, neighbor, or colleague.

Friendly Warning for Overdue Invoices
At the other end of the spectrum you could also remind the client the consequences if they don’t pay the invoice on time with a friendly message such as, “Just as a reminder, there will be a 2 percent interest fees on all late payments. Thank you for your business.”

If an invoice is overdue, you could include the following message, “Please contact us if you have questions or issues with this bill. The payment is now past due; please remit immediately.”

Prominent Due Date
Make it easier for your clients to spot the due date on your invoice so that they won’t overlook it, which could lead to them getting charged late fees. Make sure that the deadline is in a large font, bold, and clearly stated, such as, “Please pay your invoice within 21 days from this date.”

Your Current Offers
If you have any upcoming sales, promotions or new products coming up you can convert your invoice into a powerful marketing tool so that your clients are aware of these offers and won’t miss out any deals.

Remember to guide your customers through this process by writing a CTA like “Enter the following discount code on your next order.”

Share a Link
The message section of an invoice is an excellent place to increase traffic to your website. How? By sharing a link to an article, video, white paper, or infographic that the client can find useful.

Besides driving traffic to your site, this demonstrates that you’re an industry leader and are helping them solve a potential pain point.

Return and Exchange Policy/Shipping Details
This may not be applicable for all freelancers or business owners, but if you’re sending the client, a physical product or a hard copy of intellectual property clearly state your return and exchange policy and when the product is going to ship. For example, you could write, “All items can only be returned within 30 days of purchase. Thanks again for your business.”

Keeping your customers in the loop removes any questions or concerns if they’re dissatisfied or when they can expect the product to arrive.

Ask for Feedback, Suggestions, or Testimonials
Finally, the message section on your invoice provides an excellent opportunity to improve your business by asking the customers questions if they’re satisfied with your work, customer service, and what other services they would like to see you add in the future.

Asking for feedback makes them feel like an important part of your business since it shows that you value their opinions. And, testimonials can be used on your website so that future clients know that you’re trustworthy and deserving of their business.

Don’t let the message area in your invoice go to waste! Use it to strengthen the relationship between you and your clients so that they’ll become recurring customers. It can also be used to market the other products/services you offer and improve your business.



This blog comes as a guest post from John Rampton, CEO of John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru, and startup enthusiast. He is the founder of the online payments company Due. Follow John on Twitter at @johnrampton.

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