5 Reasons Mobile Businesses Need Mobile Payment Solutions

5 Reasons Mobile Businesses Need Mobile Payment Solutions

Whether you’re an online seller, a craft fair regular or a pop-up boutique, mobile payment solutions take care of the logistics when it comes to accepting mobile payments on the go. I mean, you always have your phone with you right? Of course! Well, the Flint app offers a mobile-friendly solution to small business invoicing and payment processing to help you with cash flow management. Some of the benefits include:

Automatic Invoicing

Simplify the invoicing process by automating invoices, whether you’re sitting across from a client in a coffee shop or on the train in the middle of a business commute. Send a single invoice or many at a time, and include a Pay button within the email so that customers can pay instantly using the secure Flint website. Automate reminders so that you aren’t spending valuable time chasing payments while you’re on the go.

No Hardware

process credit cards with Flint
Flint’s scan technology makes taking payment fast and easy – no dongles!

Who needs another thing to keep track of these days? Credit card readers get lost or broken, often at the worst times. Like when you want to take payment from a great customer! There’s no need to plug an additional device into your phone or tablet to take mobile payments: all you need is your smartphone equipped with the Flint app. Open the Flint app and line up the front of the customer’s credit or debit card in your viewfinder, scan it, and enter the customer’s verification information. The client’s card information is completely secure, and the app doesn’t store any personal details on your phone or in your Flint account.

Quick Receipts

Rather than spending valuable time hand-writing receipts for each purchase, let Flint automatically send a professional digital receipt to your customer via email. If your customer is a returning customer in your Client Directory, then you don’t even need to enter the email address; your payment processing system does it for you. For a professional look, include your company’s branding on each receipt, including logos and contact information.

Customer Rewards

Building a business means repeat customers. Create coupons and deals to reward your loyal customers and keep them coming back. Traditional rewards systems require your customers to be in front of you with a punch card, but the Flint app lets you integrate coupons with Apple Passbook to simplify the experience and allow customers to redeem their coupons electronically. You can send out mobile coupons via email as a receipt attachment, thanking customers for their business and encouraging them to come back.

Automatic Buy Button

Ready for e-commerce? Add a Flint payment processing link to any of your e-commerce items on your website, or include it in an e-mail or a private message to make the buying process easy. Add an item name and price into Flint, and it returns a “Buy Now” button code for online sales. If you’re used to working out of craft fairs and worried about making sales online, then the automatic “Buy Now” button helps you get paid without the worry.

If you are on the go or simply want the convenience of having your cash register and invoicing system in your pocket – try Flint for free today!

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