Getting Started and The Flint Difference

How do I get started with Flint?

Download the Flint app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Once you have downloaded the app, complete the sign up process and you are ready to go. Keep in mind that with Flint there’s no need for an extra card reader (or waiting to get them), so it’s very easy to get started right away. Flint is currently available in the U.S. for iPhone and Android users.

How is Flint different from other solutions?

First, with Flint all you need is your phone, there’s no extra dongles. This means it’s always ready to use and you don’t have to worry about losing an extra thing, hardware interface issues, or hassles with getting the “swipe” to work.

Second, Flint offers lower fees. We were the first to pass lower debit card transaction fees to business like yours (1.95% per transaction). We’re all about your success and this enables you to transform your on-the-go business as cost effectively as possible.

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Accepting Payments

What do I need to do to process a credit card?

Flint's designed to be easy and secure to process payments while you're on-the-go.

  1. Add a custom amount or select from a list of items (if items setup).
  2. Tap Next and Select Scan
  3. Align the digits of the card number in the box and wait for the camera to scan the numbers.
  4. Tap Use to continue
  5. Enter the expiration date, CVV code, and zip code
  6. Enter customers email address to send a receipt (optional)
  7. Flint will validate this information and let you know if there are any errors
  8. Customer signs for the purchase on the screen of your phone (using their finger)
  9. Submit the transaction for final processing.


Can I use Flint to manage cash or check payments? 

Yes with Flint you can manage both cash and check as well as credit/debit cards. There is no fee to use Flint to manage cash or check payments. You can easily manage all your transactions using the Flint app.

How can I manage cash or check payments in the app?

You can accept cash or check in few easy steps

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Add a custom amount or select from a list of items (if items setup).
  3. Tap Next and then Tap the payment type “Cash” or “Check”
  4. Tap Next to preview the receipt
  5. Tap Next to charge the transaction.
  6. You cash or check transaction will now appear in the History Tab in Settings

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What does it cost to use Flint?

With Flint there are no upfront costs, contracts, or monthly fees. Flint only charges a one transaction fee per charge.

Our fees are as follows: Debit Card Transactions: 1.95% per transaction. Credit Card Transactions: 2.95% per transaction. Flint supports all U.S. based payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). 

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Money Deposits

How do I get my money?

The funds are transferred into your bank account once you have linked your bank account

Flint has partnered with 5/3 Bank, a leader in the industry to send you direct deposits. Your funds, net of transaction fees, will be transferred into your bank account within two business days. It may take longer if you use a pre-paid or non-standard bank account. In order to get your deposits you must update your Flint profile with your bank account information. You can update your Flint profile using the Flint Mobile App or your online merchant portal. Charges made prior to entering your bank account details will be paid out to you via ACH transfer. Note: Flint does not currently support deposits to pre-paid card accounts.

How do I add my bank account information?
Linking your bank account gets your funds to you quickly. You can add you bank account information to your profile using the Flint Mobile App or your online merchant portal.

  1. Sign into your account at:
  2. Go to the Profile tab
  3. Go to Direct Deposit.
  4. Enter your Routing number
  5. Enter your Account number. If you are using a check to get the numbers from, make sure you do not include the check number.
  6. Enter your Tax Id or Social Security Number (we need this information to comply with industry regulations)
  7. Click on Save Changes.
  8. Your account information is now saved.

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Customizing Flint

There are a number of ways to personalize Flint so it works best for you.

After you sign in, click on "Account" to access settings and transaction history.


Clicking on any row will show more details. There is a button to void an individual transaction in the detail view. You will see a confirmation message and the status of the transaction will change to “Refunded” when you refresh the Transaction History.

Item List

Create a preset list of items to make it easier to input transactions and to track your sales better. Once you enable Items, they will appear on the initial transaction screen through the “List” button. If you enter transactions using the Item list, the name of the item will appear on the receipt and in the transaction history details.

Tax & Tips

Enable sales tax and tipping if applicable. Sales tax will automatically get calculated on the initial transaction screen. Tipping is enabled on the signature screen. Taxes and tips are broken out separately on the receipt and the transaction history details.

Edit Receipt

Customize the appearance of your receipt and include a simple loyalty offer in every one you send. You can also preview the receipt from either the mobile app or online profile page. Changes you make to either the online profile or in the mobile app are synchronized.

Enable Screenshot Blockers

As an added measure of security, wecreated an optional mode of security called “Mask Card Scan” where the middle numbers of the card are blocked out on the screen display during the card scan. This may provide your customers with more comfort with the knowledge that you can’t screenshot their card information. To enable this, go to Account > Settings > Security, and enable “Mask Card Scan”

Choose the card scan mode that works best for you

Some people prefer the camera to automatically scan a card, while others find it easier to have more control and to tap a “Scan” button to scan a card. Both options are possible. Go to “Account” on the Flint transaction screen, and select “Scan” on the bottom navigation. From there, you may choose the scan mode that works best for you. If you selected Automatic Scan Mode, you can tune the timing and sensitivity so that it works best for you. These options will show up when you select “Automatic” as your Scan Mode within the Scan page.

Customer Intro Screen

Select whether you want this screen to appear in the flow. Some users like to use this screen to help introduce Flint to their customers. Note: if you disable this screen, you can get access to the backup mode of typing numbers in by clicking the icon in the lower left corner of the scan screen.

Enter card numbers manually if needed (as backup)

If for any reason you need to type in the card number rather than scan it, you may do so by clicking “Type” in the Customer Intro Screen (if enabled), or tap on the icon in the lower left corner of the card scanning interface to access this mode.

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Multiple Items

I have multiple items or services that I want to sell. How do I set them up using Flint?

Multiple items or services can be easily setup using the Flint App.

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Tap on the settings button in the upper right corner
  3. Tap on Preset Items
  4. Add a New Item
  5. Provide the name of the item, the price and whether the item is Taxable
  6. Tap Save to save the item
  7. Add any additional items.

The items will now be shown on the Amount screen (first screen) in the Flint App

How do I add multiple items to a transaction?
Multiple items can be easily added in the amount screen in the Mobile App. You can also remove items from a transaction. The Flint Mobile App will automatically calculate the total amount including taxes (if applicable). You can also add a custom amount or apply a discount to the transaction.

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Tap an item to add its price to the total.
  3. Tap a different item to add its price to the total
  4. Tap the Discount button to add a discount to the transaction
  5. Tap Next and then Tap the payment type to complete the transaction

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Does Flint allow me to send an invoice for customers to pay online?

Yes with Flint you can send invoices to your customers via email from the mobile app as well as the merchant portal.

Flint also allows you to get paid faster by giving your customers a quick and easy way to pay your invoice online either with their credit or debit card. Flint will also send a reminder to the customer when the invoice is over due. You can also track all your invoices within the mobile app or merchant portal and easily send reminders.

What are the fees for sending an invoice?

There are no fees for sending an invoice but you will be charged 1.95% for accepting debit card payment and 2.95% for a credit card payment.

How can I send an invoice using Flint?

Sending an invoice is very simple whether you are doing it from the Flint Mobile App or the merchant portal

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Add a custom amount or select from a list of items.
  3. Tap Next and then Tap the payment type “Invoice”
  4. Enter the Customer Name, Phone Number and Payment Due Date
  5. Tap Next to preview the invoice and enter the customer email address
  6. Tap Send to send the invoice

Your customer will get a personalized email with your logo, contact details, payment due date and total amount to pay. Your customer can then easily pay your invoice from the email through a simple web form. Once the customer pays the invoice, Flint will mark the invoice as paid.

How do I manage all the invoices that I have sent?

You can manage your invoices both from the Mobile App as well as the merchant portal.

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Tap on the settings button in the upper right corner
  3. Tap the History Tab
  4. Tap the Invoices Tab
  5. Tap any Invoice to see its details and resend invoice

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Sell Online

What can I do with the Sell Online feature?

The Sell Online feature is part of Flint's new easy to use Web Checkout. Here is how it works:

1. Decide what you want to sell. You can sell an individual item or service, or a package of multiple items/services.
2. Customize. Upload a photo of your item, write a description, and then decide what you want your Buy Now button to say.
3. Add your custom button to your website: With the information you provide, we will generate a custom button that you can easily embed into your website; there is no need to have an e-commerce site.
4. Get paid. When you customer clicks on the Buy Now button, they will be guided through a secure web- form where they can enter their credit card information and complete their purchase. Our Sell Online feature is also mobile optimized for ecommerce, so your customers can also securely pay through their mobile phones.
5. Consistent Branding. Your customers never leave your site to purchase their item/service. The entire experience is user-friendly, seamless, and custom branded to your business.
6. Keep track. Through the Flint Merchant Portal, you can keep track of orders, mark them complete, and offer refunds and returns, all with a click of a button.

If you do not have a website? Flint can generate a custom link that you can send to customers via email, or share through your preferred social networks.

How much does it cost to use the Flint Sell Online feature?

There are no set-up fees to use the Sell Online feature. You can create your account and allow your customers to buy your items online for free.

However, your current transaction fees for processing payments will still apply.
1.95% for debit cards
2.95% for credit cards

How is the Flint Sell Online feature different from a standard online shopping cart?

The Sell Online feature allows you to quickly setup your account to offer your item or services online. There is no shopping cart integration required. With just a few steps you can add a custom Buy Now button to your website and start selling immediately.

If you do not have a website, our Sell Online feature can also generate a custom Buy Now link to send to your customers via Email, Facebook, or any other social media site. They simply click on the link to purchase the item directly in the form.

How many items can I sell using the Sell Online feature?

You can sell as many items as you like with the Sell Online feature. There is no monthly minimum or maximum. However, you can only sell one item per custom button. There is currently no quantity feature within the button. For example, if you own a spa your customer can only buy one pedicure, not a pedicure and then go back and add a massage during checkout. The massage would have to be purchased separately through a different custom Buy Now button, or you can bundle them together as a package deal.

You can learn more about Selling Online on our Help Center at:

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How do I issue coupons with Flint?

To issue coupons you would need to first create a coupon template using the Mobile App or the merchant portal.

There are no additional fees to create, send, or redeem coupons

Creating a coupon

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Tap on the settings button in the upper right corner
  3. Tap the Settings Tab
  4. Tap Loyalty Offers
  5. Tap Create Coupon
  6. Enter a coupon name, select the type of coupon (% off or $ off) and provide an expiration date. You can also preview the coupon
  7. Tap Save

You can now issue the coupon by attaching it to the receipt at the end of the transaction. The customer will get an email with the coupon code, which they can show for redemption. The customer can also add the coupon to their Apple Passbook app (only on iOS 6 and above devices).

Issuing a coupon

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Add a custom amount or select from a list of items.
  3. Tap Next and then Tap the payment type
  4. Tap Next and enter the customer email address
  5. Tap Attach Coupon
  6. Select from a list of active coupons


How do I redeem a coupon that I issued with Flint?

You can redeem a coupon by scanning it with the Flint Mobile App. Flint will automatically add the discount to your transaction. You can also search for a coupon by the customer’s email address.

Redeeming a coupon

  1. Open the Flint Mobile App
  2. Add a custom amount or select from a list of items.
  3. Tap Next and then Tap the Coupon button next to the Total Amount
  4. Scan the coupon code (from email or Passbook)
  5. If Coupon is valid, it will be applied to the transaction

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Can I get online reports?

Yes, Flint provides an easy online Account Activity Portal.

Sign In to your Flint Merchant Portal at to manage transaction information as well as reviews and ratings from your customers. You can view charts of your business performance and filter transactions by customized details such as item sold, loyalty offer content, customer email, date, amount. Flint enables you to get to the data that matters most and download it along with customer emails. If you’ve linked your Facebook Fan page to Flint, you can also view a Social Dashboard where you can see what your customers are saying about your business to their friends.

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Team Accounts

What are team accounts?

Team accounts enable your staff to accept payments on your behalf with their own unique logins and tracking.

How do I set up my staff to accept payments on my behalf?

Inviting your staff is quick and easy. Once invited, they’ll receive an email with a link to create their own unique login.

  1. Login to your Merchant Portal, click on Settings -> Staff, and invite your team
  2. Staff register from the invite link in their email
  3. Team members download the iOS or Android App, login, and are ready to go

Does my staff have access to my bank account?

No, your staff does not have access to your bank account. However any card transactions accepted on your behalf will be deposited in your bank account

Can my staff access my business details?

No, your staff cannot update or change any business information (business name, tax rate, etc).

Will I be able to see all the transactions that my staff has done?

You can see all staff transactions in the Merchant Portal or the Flint Mobile App. Your staff can only see their own transactions. You can also filter transactions by a specific staff and/or by a specific timeframe (week, month, year, custom) in the Merchant Portal.

MP: Go to Transactions section

Mobile App

iOS: Go to Settings ==> History

Android: Go to History (tap the watch icon)

Can I control whether my staff can issue refunds?

Yes, you can control whether you staff can issue refund via the Staff section in the Merchant Portal (MP). Go to Settings ==> Staff and enable or disable the issue refunds permission. The issue refunds permission is disabled by default i.e. the staff will not be able to issue refunds in the MP or the Flint Mobile App. You can always refund any staff transaction.

Can my staff create coupons or items?

Staff do not have permission to create coupon or items. However any coupons or items created by you will be available to your staff. So if you have created a coupon, your staff can send and redeem that coupon for any transaction. If you have created an item, your staff will be able to see that item in the item list when they start a transaction.

Can my staff send invoices?

Yes, your staff can send invoices. The send invoice permission is enabled by default. However you can change the permissions in the the Merchant Portal. Go to Settings ==> Staff and enable or disable the send invoice permission. If the send invoice permission is disabled then the staff will not be able to send an invoice using the MP or the Flint Mobile App

How can I see all the invoices that my staff have sent out?

You can see all your staff invoices in the Merchant Portal or the Mobile App. Your staff can only see their own invoices.You can also filter invoices by a specific staff in the Merchant Portal.

MP: Go to Invoices

Mobile App

iOS: Go to Settings ==> History ==> Invoices

Android: Go to History (tap the watch icon) ==> Invoices

Can I remove a staff from my account?

Yes you can remove any staff from your account via the Staff section in the Merchant Portal (MP). Go to Settings ==> Staff and click on the delete icon. The delete icon appears when you mouse over the staff row in the staff table.

How many staff can I add to my Flint account?

You currently can add maximum of 9 staff to your flint account. If you like to add more, please contact


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Card Scanning Tips

How can I best scan cards?

Here are some tips that may be helpful to you.

For best performance ensure that your camera lens is reasonably clean and that autofocus is ‘on’.

If you’re having trouble scanning in bright sunlight or other high glare environments try tilting the card a bit to minimize lighting issues. The Flint card number scanner will still be able to detect the numbers even if the card is at a slight angle. Remember, you’ll always get a chance to verify the card number and flint will alert you if the card number seems incorrect. If needed you can manually correct the number.

When scanning the card give yourself a second or two to line up the main card number digits in the target framing window. For initial use, it may be easier to place the card on a flat surface while scanning it. Once you practice a couple times, you will likely find it more convenient to just hold the card in your hand. Your iPhone camera lens is offset so you’ll need to use on screen the aiming window to frame the card. Be sure that none of the the main 16 digitnumbers are blocked while you are scanning. Next, hold the phone still and allow the scanner read the card numbers – the camera will automatically scan once it detects that focus is still. If the card finishes scanning and the numbers aren’t completely visible in the preview then click ‘re-scan’ to do it again. If the numbers appear correctly captured then click ‘use’ to continue processing the transaction. If you need more time to get the image into the aiming window you can easily change your settings using the instructions below.

Your test transactions will help you determine your ideal card scan settings. You can customize Flint to scan cards faster or slower and to have more or less vibration sensitivity. Experiment to find which settings work best for you. To adjust the settings on your iPhone go to Settings, then scroll down the screen until you see the Flint app icon. Select the Flint app icon to go to your Flint scanning settings. Under the “Camera Tweaks” section you’ll find the following options: Startup Delay -This setting determines how long Flint waits before scanning the card. If you find Flint is trying to scan the card too quickly and you haven’t had a chance to get the card numbers in the window you can adjust the delay for more time. Note that a second or two change in the delay can make a big difference. Experiment incrementally with small timing changes until you’re found the settings that work best for you. The default is a 5 second delay. Stillness Duration -This determines how long the image needs to be still before the card number scan finishes. The default setting is 2.5 seconds. UI display delay -After entering in the transaction amount and clicking next, the UI display delay sets the length of time before the card scanning box appears. Adjust this setting up or down depending on whether you prefer more of less time to get the card ready for scanning. Vibration Tolerance -This determines the camera’s scanning vibration sensitivity. Most users find a setting between 0.0363-0.08 to be ideal. Please note the decimal points. A small change to these settings can make a big difference. For instance, if you’re having trouble steading the image at the default setting of 0.0363, then you can change the setting to 0.06 to make the image scan more quickly. However, note that a vibration setting that is too high will scan the card without sufficient focus and might not allow correct recognition the numbers. For instance, a setting of 0.1 doesn’t work well for most users as it takes the image too quickly.

Many people prefer to scan while holding the card in one hand and the phone in their other hand. The recommended way to position the card in this case is to hold it from the bottom between your thumb and 2nd and 3rd fingers. Use your thumb as a stabilizer just below the main numbers on the front of the card . Since Flint doesn’t take a photo of the whole card it’s fine to have fingers over certain areas as long as the main digits aren’t blocked.

If you prefer not to hear the sound of the camera while scanning the transaction, you can silence it by reducing the volume on your phone or turning off the ringer.

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Privacy And Security

Is Flint secure?

Flint is designed with safety and security in mind.

All data is protected with utmost care and according to industry PCI DSS standards and guidelines. Flint scans the main digits directly off the card for two reasons:

  1. You don’t have to manually type them in
  2. We have more assurance that the card was present at the point of sale thereby helping to protect everyone from fraudulent transactions being entered.


No image scan or other sensitive card information are ever stored on your device or on Flint’s servers and all information transmissions are encrypted. Flint partners with industry leading infrastructure providers who are fully Tier 1 PCI compliant. Flint has taken extra caution to ensure that your customer’s privacy is protected. Accordingly, our patent pending scanning technology, only captures the main digits of the card, we are never taking an image of the entire card with details like the consumers name or expiration date. The card number is extracted from the image scan by our proprietary recognition software, there is no human intervention to read or analyze the image – ever. And to re-iterate all information is immediately purged from your phone as soon as it’s transmitted to Flint. In addition, every transaction is run through a real time fraud detection screen prior to submission for authorization. This protects both you and the general consumer audience from misuse of our service.

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What's supported today?

Flint is currently available in the U.S. for iPhone and Android users.

Apple iOS Device Compatibility
Your Apple device must be running iOS 6.0 or higher.

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPad
  • iPad mini
  • iPod Touch

Android Device Compatibility Supported
Android devices must have: Android 4.0 or higher and access to Google Play Here are a few examples of the Android devices supported today:

  • HTC One
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Motorola Moto X
  • LG Nexus 4

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