Sell Online

Expand your business with online sales. Just enter basic item information and Flint generates a "Buy Now" link or button your customers can use to pay on your website, in social media or emails. Track your online activity from a 360-degree view anywhere, anytime. View payments, invoices and your online orders from your desktop or Flint's mobile app.

 Easy Customization

Easily customize the look and feel of the items you’d like to sell online Whether the item you want to sell is a single service or a package of multiple services, you can add an image, write custom description, set the price, and create a clickable button.

 Simple Implementation

Create Online Items with ease. After you’ve entered your item descriptions, simply click “save”. Flint will then generate a JavaScript button that you can embed on your existing website. Or, if you prefer, Flint can generate a custom URL that you can share via email or your preferred social network. When your customers click the button or link, they’ll be able to enter their credit card information confidently on a secure, encrypted, and mobile-optimized e-commerce page, without any extra effort on your part.

 At-a-glance tracking

Online orders are automatically categorized separately from the rest of your Flint transactions. This separation allows you to quickly tell at-a-glance how many orders you have received. You can also manage your orders on-the-go through Flint mobile app or through the merchant portal.

 No-nonsense merchant controls

Our no-nonsense merchant controls put you in the driver’s seat to decide what to sell, how to package it, and how to fulfill it. From the online sales section of your online merchant portal, you can mark each order as fulfilled (or returned, if needed). You can also offer a refund directly from your online purchase history. If you run out of stock or need to stop offering a certain item or service, you can easily and immediately disable all your active purchase buttons and links at any time.