Accept Payments – No Hardware, No Hassle

Only Flint allows you to accept payments using your phone and nothing else. No more dongles, no more swiping. Easily take payments wherever you are, whenever you want.

 Scan, Don't Swipe

No hardware is needed to accept payments. Your phone and Flint’s mobile app are all you need to process a sale using all major credit or debit cards. It’s easy to scan or key in card information at any time at the same low transaction rate.

 Easy to Use

Simply position the card number in the scan area and enter the card verification information to accept credit card payments in a snap. Manual keyed entry is also available.

 Reliable and Secure

With Flint, all payment transactions are processed according to PCI Security Standards. Payment processing information is encrypted. And to ensure security and privacy, the app never takes a photo of the whole card and no information is stored on the phone.