Create Coupons & Build Loyalty

Promote Your Business with Apple Passbook Integration. Increase repeat business with custom coupons that you can easily create from your phone or desktop. Coupons can offer a dollar off or a percent off discount. All coupons are quick and easy for customers to redeem, and Apple Passbook integration helps you position your company alongside big name brands.

 Easy to Redeem

Coupons are sent via email at the end of a transaction Your customers can print, download or add the coupon to Apple Passbook. Use the Flint app to redeem coupons with a quick scan at the time of transaction. In addition to building customer loyalty through coupon promotion, integration with Apple Passbook also allows you to give your company the same visibility granted to the global brands currently active on the Apple Passbook platform.

 Track Coupon History

Easily view all your coupons on your online Merchant Portal, and see at a glance issued and redeemed copons. Flint will also automatically send a reminder to your customer to let them know if an issued but unused coupon is about to expire.