Every transaction in one place.

Now, it’s easier to do business with your clients from anywhere, anytime. Your customers expect quick and professional responses. Your business depends on their timely payments. Flint streamlines all of this for you – personalized transactions optimized for quick payments. With insights and trends, you can manage your cashflow and get on with what you love.

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Setup in Minutes

Flint is an all-in-one solution for your small business transactions. No hardware is required – everything you need is on your phone. Sign up to create your Flint account, connect Stripe, our payment processor, and immediately start accepting payments.

Look Professional

Personalize your communications with customers to create customized receipts, invoices and more by including your logo, website and other business information. Every communication is professionally designed with space for your personal note. No matter who on your team takes the payment, your customers have a consistent experience.

Payment Types

Let your customers choose how they want to pay – on the spot, via invoicing or online. The same low fees apply for all payment types.

  • 1Scan

  • 2Invoice

  • 3Sell Online

1Scan, Don't Swipe

No accessory is needed. It’s a snap – simply position the card number in the scan area and enter the card verification information. You can also manually enter the card details for over the phone payments. You and your customers are protected because the scanned card information is securely encrypted. No card data or images are stored on your phone. Your customers are immediately emailed a professional receipt with your business logo, name, description, website, contact details and personal note.

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2Invoice on the Go

It’s easy to send and manage invoices no matter where you are – in front of a client from the mobile app, or back at the office sending 20 at a time. Every invoice has a Pay button to a secure web page. It’s quick to send additional invoices to the same client because the Client Directory fills in the contact details and invoice terms.

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3Sell Online

It’s copy and paste simple. Just enter an item’s description and amount, and Flint automatically creates a “Buy Now” link and button. Copy a snippet of code and URL, then paste it into a website page, social media post, marketing email and more. The Buy Now button is automatically created. You can track all of your online sales from your phone or the web.

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