Tips on How To Sell at Farmers Market

Tips on How To Sell at Farmers Market

You’ve been selling your crafts at the local farmers market for years; you make a decent amount each weekend but you know you can do better. Step up your game this spring and summer. Devise a plan to sell as much product as possible with the least amount of overhead costs. Here are some key elements to work into that plan:

Know Your Target Market

Before choosing a venue to sell your crafts, make sure the type of people who are interested in your type of product frequent the venue. It’s a good idea to visit the flea market or farmers market you’d like to sell at beforehand to get a feel for how much foot traffic you can expect and you can analyze whether people are looking at items and making purchases, or if they are rushing in and out to buy produce or other specific items. Evaluating whether your target market is shopping in this venue before signing up to exhibit there can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Design Your Booth

Because you will be selling your crafts among other vendors and shops, you want to make your booth appealing and inviting to attract people to your stand. Something as small as a tablecloth, sign for your booth and displays to show off your wares can go a long way. Building “up” or using vertical displays is also a great way to display your items. Since people walking by might not be able to clearly see things laying on your table, use stands that showcase everything clearly and in a way that people can see it over the crowds.

Learn How to Sell at Farmers Market

Understand the psychology of selling at a flea market or farmers market. One important but sometimes overlooked aspect is to dress the part. Your clothing should look neat and professional and you should have a friendly smile. People don’t like to feel pressured, so make yourself present without being pushy. Know all about your product and be able to answer questions and ease any customer concerns. Show you’re passionate about what you do by being knowledgeable about your products.


Let your customers know you can be found at this venue every weekend. You can post the information on your website, send it to your customers in an email newsletter or even put out an ad in a local paper or post an announcement on Craigslist. Include a coupon to entice people to come visit your booth. You will find that when there are people at your booth shopping it will attract others to come to your stand as well. This is a great way to generate excitement for your product.

Take Credit Cards

Mobile apps that process credit cards

Having a plan in place before you arrive at the selling venue will keep you organized and focused. Stay on your game and sell more. Before you know it you will be the king (or queen) of the farmers market!

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