The Benefits of Instant Invoicing

The Benefits of Instant Invoicing

If you have a service-based business, you know how tedious sending invoices can be. First, you do the work for the client. Then you or your employees go back to the office, write up an invoice and get it in the mail. Next, you have to wait while the invoice gets to the client and hope they will pay it on time. Instant invoicing is a great modern convenience that takes the hassle out of billing customers. Here’s why you need to start using it.

No More Paper

Sending a paper invoice through the mail not only takes a lot of time, but it’s unreliable. It might take several days for an invoice to arrive via snail mail. Then it might get thrown aside or even thrown away if someone doesn’t know what it is. Items can get lost in the mail or never get to the client at all. With instant invoicing through a mobile app or online service, like Flint for example, you can send invoices after the job’s completion, right from your phone. You can even do it while you are still with the client. The invoice goes directly to the email address the client provides and you can confirm receipt right away.

Immediate Payment

Once a customer receives your invoice, he can pay it right then and there with just a few clicks from a phone or a computer. This makes the process so much easier (no more writing checks!) and will allow the customer to pay the invoice in much less time than if the client had received a paper bill in the mail.

Easy Reminders

Reminders can be sent to customers without your intervention. If a customer does not pay an invoice right away, many instant invoicing companies will allow you to set up a schedule of when you’d like reminders to go out to your clients. This means once the invoice has been sent, you can worry about other things like booking more work and running your business.

Limited Bank Trips

You can accept payments without having to go to the bank with many instant invoicing systems available. With the traditional invoicing method, customers will send the invoice back along with a check for services rendered. This often requires you take a trip to the bank and means additional time for the check to be processed. With the more modern method of invoicing, a customer can pay online with a credit card and the payment goes directly into a bank account you specify. This takes out a lot of extra leg work for you, and you can confirm receipt of the payment right away.

Integrates with Accounting Software 

Some instant invoicing programs — Flint included — will even integrate directly with software like QuickBooks. This means you no longer have to manual enter accounting data for jobs. All information received will feed directly into the software and keep track of payments for different jobs along with customer information. This saves hours of work at tax time and can give you an instant snapshot of how your year is looking so far.

Instant invoicing is a must-have technology for any company with a service-based business. When selecting an invoicing service, make sure the product you choose has all of these benefits. The headaches of sending out paper invoices will be behind you and the hours of time saved from switching to instant invoicing can be spent doing other things like quoting jobs, taking on more work or even taking some time off.


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