How to Optimize Your Small Business Operations

How to Optimize Your Small Business Operations

Every small business owner is used to juggling ten different tasks at once. Nowadays new software and tools are paving the way for business automation. Regardless the size of your operation there are plenty of tools and strategies that will optimize your time. That said here are a few ways you can optimize your small business operations.

Adopt Online Accounting Tools

Small business owners often overlook the time it takes to handle their finances. If you’re still using traditional methods like paper invoices and checks then you’re wasting valuable time.

The majority of online payments solutions offer digital accounting tools like online invoicing, expense management, and even tax filing. These tools help you standardize your billing process. In addition you can securely store and access your financial information from the cloud at anytime.

Whether you’re doing all the bookkeeping yourself or delegating to another team member you should definitely adopt an online accounting solution.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is an extremely effective way to acquire new customers and engage existing ones. In addition, social media accounts are mostly free so small business owners can launch marketing campaigns for close to nothing.

That all said, if you want to create a successful campaign you need to stay consistent with content. Odds are you wont have an in-house social media manager right away so you’ll have to manage social accounts yourself. This can be extremely time consuming and tedious throughout the work day.

Thanks to services like Buffer and Hootsuite you can schedule social media updates and posts in advance so you can focus your day on other tasks.

Customer Support

One of the best ways to target and acquire new customers is to make your existing ones love your products and services.

Even if there are issues with your product a great customer support experience can surely soften the blow. If your customers feel confident their requests are handled and feedback used they’ll stick around until things get better every time.

Platforms like ZenDesk and Salesforce Help Desk are great tools to integrate into your current support system. Even if you have a super small support staff a support platform will make the difference between a satisfied and dissatisfied customer.

Email Marketing

Depending on the nature of your business you may want to utilize email marketing campaigns to keep customers engaged. Services like Mailchimp and Sendgrid allow you to create custom marketing campaigns that can be used to introduce new features, give updates, and much more. These campaigns take a bit of time to setup but they are well worth it.

Team Collaboration

If your team is unable to efficiently collaborate then you’re screwed. The larger your organization becomes the more difficult it will be to streamline collaboration. That’s why it’s extremely important to start this process early on.

Every business operates differently depending on the team, product or service, and current needs of the market. The only way to truly understand how your business operates is to create processes.

When it comes to team collaboration you should use services like Slack and Basecamp to train and encourage your employees to adopt your process. Additionally these services will improve communication and maximize productivity.

Final Thoughts

If you think you only have one job as a small business owner then you’re quite wrong. You have every job. What separates the successful business owners to those who aren’t is how they’re able to optimize their time spent on each task. If you haven’t done so already I strongly suggest implementing some of the suggestions above.


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