Heading Out of Town During The Holidays? Make Sure You Can Manage Invoices On-The-Go

Heading Out of Town During The Holidays? Make Sure You Can Manage Invoices On-The-Go

As 2017 comes to an end and with the holidays around the corner many small business owners and entrepreneurs look to leave town for a few weeks. When you leave town as a business owner it doesn’t mean your business should be put on standby. While it should be a time for relaxing and preparing for a fresh start to a new year, unpaid invoices can really bring down the mood while you’re away.

That said here’s how you can make sure you’re ready to manage your invoices while you’re on the go.

Choose the Right Tool

Before you plan your trip you need to evaluate the needs of your business. You need to decide what kind of system works best for you. There are hundreds of online invoicing solutions available which makes choosing the right one difficult. When evaluating you should take these factors into consideration:

  • Cost: First and foremost you should evaluate your specific business requirements compared to cost. The more features you need, the more expensive your solution will be. Look for products like Flint that offer a free solution that fit basic business requirements.
  • Payment Acceptance: Make sure your solution accepts multiple payment types like credit card, eCheck, eCash, and even cryptocurrencies. The more options you can give the better.
  • Mobile Accessibility: If possible choose a solution that offers a mobile application as well. This way, you’ll be able to access your finances whenever and wherever you are.

Test (And Prep) Before You Go

Before you set out on your vacation make sure you test your digital invoicing solution. Send yourself a few invoices and make payments using several different methods. The last thing you want is to be overseas dealing with technical issues.

In addition you should prepare as much as you can before you head off. For example if you need to import clients or setup recurring invoices this should all be done while you’re still at your office. Unless you keep all your files digital then you’ll want to make sure you get clients setup on your platform before leaving all that information behind.


In addition to functionality you need to make sure your solution is highly secure. Your clients will feel uncomfortable if they are taken to a payment portal that presents even the slightest bit of suspicion.

Use a payments provider that adheres to PCI standards and uses tokenization and encryption methods. Safety should be your number one priority when it comes to payments.

Automated Follow-Ups

Another great feature that many invoicing solutions have is automated follow ups. As you’re doing your preparation you should always make sure you setup automated follow-ups for your clients.

Some business owners need to send hundreds of invoices out to clients. If you need to keep track of following up with each it’ll soon become a nightmare. Automate your follow-ups so you can stay sane while on holiday.

Final Thoughts

If you’re lucky enough to take some time off as a business owner then you’ll want to truly enjoy yourself. That said, nobody wants to deal with unpaid invoices while they’re on vacation. If you want to properly manage invoices while on holiday make sure you follow the steps above.

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