Flint 2.0 for Android adds Invoicing with Online Bill Pay

Flint 2.0 for Android adds Invoicing with Online Bill Pay

This week, we released Flint 2.0 for Android adding invoicing with online bill payment, multi-item transactions, and cash and check management tools to our no-card-reader app.  We also overhauled the UI and improved the scan mode to made transactions faster.

With this free upgrade, our merchants with Android devices can take full advantage of Flint for their business – whether accepting credit cards on the spot,quickly invoicing their customers to get paid online, or just making it easier to send & track e-receipts for cash transactions. Online bill pay with credit or debit cards has taken off over the past few years and now Flint merchants can easily use it, even if their web site isn’t setup for ecommerce or ACH payments.  Transaction fees are the same whether card payments are made in person or online.

These features have made a big difference for iOS users so we are very excited to bring the next level of Flint to Android.   Android customers are already liking it . . .

“I see clients in their homes every week and many of them want to pay by credit card.,” said Jimmy Terrell, owner of Terrell Heating and Air, Inc. based in Atlanta, GA.  “Being able to take card payments without extra hardware, send custom receipts and now use the same app for invoicing saves time and makes it much easier to manage my business – all with just my Android phone.”

Here’s a bit more detail on the new features – available immediately for Android 4.0 phones or higher:

  1. Easy invoicing with integrated payments – Merchants can now use the Android app to create and send invoices or bills to customers via email. Customers simply click a link in the email to pay online from their mobile phone, tablet or computer – even if the merchant’s web site isn’t set up for ecommerce.  Users can also track invoice status from either the app or merchant portal, and use Flint to send automatic reminders or overdue notices to customers.
  1. Cash or check payments – In addition to credit/debit cards, merchants using Android devices can now use Flint to manage cash and check transactions – including sending custom e-receipts – with no fees.  Users can track all payment types in one account and export data as needed.
  1. Multiple item support – The Android app can now handle multi-item transactions, including automatic calculation of the total amount due and any applicable taxes. Merchants can also add custom payment amounts and apply discounts to transactions.
  1. Faster transactions and scanning – The transaction flow has been streamlined and simplified with Android-specific user interface enhancements.  In addition, card scanning has been improved across a wide range of Android devices.

The upgraded Android app is available immediately on Google Play and is free to download.  Check it out!

Irfan Presswala, Head of Product

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