Eye Candy Lashes, a Flint success story

Eye Candy Lashes, a Flint success story

Kalee Przybylak, Eye Candy Lashes.  Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Makeup artist

Years as own boss: 7

In her own words: “Everyone has their drug of choice, some want hair or nails. My clients want lashes. The length, the bend, the curl…they make you look and feel beautiful.”

Why Flint:

Kalee Przybylak has been helping people look and feel beautiful in Tinsel Town and beyond for over 20 years. A television and commercial makeup artist, Przybylak is now one of the most sought after eyelash extension technicians in LA. Women who can’t be bothered with eyelash glue or messy mascara wands go to Przybylak to add length, volume, and drama to their eyes.

“Most of my clients work in publicity or are actresses, and around beautiful people all the time. I also have soccer moms, teachers and doctors who have to get up at 4:00 am to do rounds and want to wake up and look good.”

In order to process payments, Przybylak paid $15-$20 per month to rent credit card machines, and she needed to have a certain dollar amount in monthly transactions to avoid a penalty charge.

“It was really bothering me, and paying the high fees was killing me. I fired the first company, but then went through the same exact thing with Chase. You get so tired with these companies nickel and diming you with fees and charges.”

After several bad experiences with banks and credit card processing companies, Przybylak decided to give Flint a shot.

“Flint makes it so easy, I’m not a naysayer or anything, but I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was almost too good to be true. But the service is fantastic and it’s pretty complete for what my needs are now. Flint is not greedy, and they don’t gauge the small business owner.”

Pryzbylak is the first to admit she’s low-tech and shies away from anything extremely technical. But after browsing Flint’s homepage and watching the “how-to” tutorial she downloaded the app.

“Even a person like myself got through this, I was so proud of myself. I grabbed a credit card to make sure it worked, and it actually worked! It was so easy. My clients saw how fast transactions went through and it felt really good to fire Chase.”

Pryzbylak adds that no matter how big your small business is, you can tailor Flint to your needs.

“Right now, Flint seems pretty complete for what my needs are right now, and I’m so glad there’s no outside apparatus outside of my phone. I don’t have to worry about breaking or forgetting it. My clients get their receipts, I have the capability of giving them coupons, and they can leave referrals.”

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