Corrine Weddings’ Story

Corrine Weddings’ Story

Corrine Crocker-Luby, Corrine Weddings. Glastonbury, CT

Occupation: Wedding Planner

Years as own boss:  14 years

In her own words: “Being a wedding planner, I’m almost like a guidance counselor. I love the logistics, taking nothing, and creating someone’s perfect day. Plus, I love flowers and dresses and all the pretty stuff.”

Corrine’s Story:

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. If you’re planning your special day, Corrine Crocker-Luby can help find everything you (or your loved one) want to have a dream wedding. From the perfect gown, to personalized invitations, to a memorable wedding cake, Crocker-Luby has made a name for herself as one of New England’s most in-demand wedding planners.

“I love it. I love the logistics, taking nothing and creating someone’s perfect day,” said Crocker-Luby. “It’s like putting a beautiful puzzle together, and if something goes wrong, I’m there to fix it.”

With many brides wanting her magic touch, Crocker-Luby began seeing her business grow. She started accepting credit cards, because more and more customers were using plastic instead of carrying around checkbooks or cash.  “Have you ever looked inside a woman’s purse? It’s like a black hole sometimes. So with Flint, I don’t have to worry about extra hardware or attachments that I can lose. I just use my phone to scan.”

Corrine had used two other credit card processing companies since 2000, but changed over to Flint in 2013.

“I was frustrated with the credit card industry. There are a lot of hidden fees, and I ended up paying $40 a month before I’d even had any credit card transactions,” Crocker-Luby said. “I researched and compared Flint, Square and Intuit, and I chose Flint because it was no nonsense, straightforward and no hidden fees.”

The convenience of immediate payment helps Crocker-Luby, whether she’s dealing with a last-minute crisis with an anxious bride or doing business on the go.

“I was at a bridal show, and an exhibitor owed me money, and he was someone very hard to track down. So I took my phone and scanned his card, had him sign, and voila! It’s faster than waiting for a check to clear.”

Crocker-Luby says she’s taking Flint with her as she branches out and expands her wedding business, since it’s helped save time and money for her.

“I like the coupon and loyalty discount feature. It’s a great opportunity to get more business.”

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