Introducing App2App Connect for Developers – Add Payment Functionality to Your App

Introducing App2App Connect for Developers – Add Payment Functionality to Your App

Hi, I am Ron Cox, Head of Mobile Engineering at Flint. I am excited to introduce you to Flint App2App Connect, a new way for you to enable your users to accept credit card payments via your app with minimal coding required on your side. Plus, no extra hardware is required for your users!


Here is a highlight of the benefits:

•           Simple payment processing using card scanning instead of swiping – no card readers needed.

•           Designed for business oriented apps to help their users close more sales.

•           Lightweight but secure connection method between your iOS or Android apps and the Flint app all on the same device.

•           Powerful user experience without requiring you to re-design your app’s workflow, take on credit card data security burdens, or concern yourself with hardware distribution.

•           Co-branded instant online activation form so your customers can start processing payments right away.

Flint offers low transaction fees (1.95-2.95%), deposits to customer bank accounts in 1-2 business days, free invoicing for online bill payment, sell online with a simple buy button, and exceptional customer support.

Once you have completed your App2App Connect registration and your account is activated, it is easy to get started:

1.         Your user enters basic transaction data (i.e. amount, tax, item description) in your app.

2.         The user then taps the custom “Get Paid” button in your app. This will seamlessly open the Flint app and pre-populate relevant transaction data.

3.         Flint captures credit card information via card scan (or manually entered information) and processes the payment.

4.         Flint sends an e-receipt and returns the user to your app complete with transaction data.

5.         Your users get payments automatically deposited the next business day.

It’s FREE for the app developers to integrate and use the Flint App2App Connect features.

See the App2App Connect demo.

To learn more and see full documentation details visit:

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