4 Habits Every Small Business Owner Should Have

4 Habits Every Small Business Owner Should Have

As a small business owner you’ll likely wear many hats during the early stages of your company. You’ll be selling, marketing, invoicing, bookkeeping, and most importantly the face of the brand. How you are perceived by the public matters a ton when it comes to your brand. Take Uber for example. A great product surely, but poor decisions made by the Uber leadership lead to the eventual removal of their CEO.

Developing good habits is the best way to lead by a positive example. Yes everyone makes mistakes, but they will be forgiven if you’re respected by your team and the public. Here are a few habits every business owner should have.

Be Punctual

The saying “better late that never” does not apply to a business owner (for the most part). Being punctual shows that you have respect for deadlines and other people’s time. If someone makes time out of their day to meet with you, make sure you give them your full attention for the allotted time.

From a business perspective, being punctual shows organization and professionalism. In fact, if you show up a few minutes early it’s even better. Whether it’s a potential client, partner, or investor showing up on time will increase your chances of getting the deal.

Always ‘Trim the Fat’

As a small business owner you need to always be proactive about improving your practices. Your goal is to optimize your operation given your current resources.

For example – if you’ve been focusing all marketing on social media for the three months and haven’t seen traction it’s probably best to look at other channels.

The longer you let your efforts go to no avail the more time you’ll waste and your employees will start to lose confidence.


If you want to run a business you need to be decisive. It’s really not an option. You’ll need to make decisions every day. Some big some small and many will have an unknown outcome.

This really comes down to confidence. At the end of the day you chose to go into a certain business because you think you’re capable of it.

Additionally you probably selected the industry because you are an expert. As an expert in the field you need to be confident in your decisions and most importantly stand by them.

Make Personal Connections

At your next conference or networking event try to make as many personal connections as possible. Instead of asking where someone works try asking how they’re enjoying the conference. Get to know them personally. Where they’re from, hobbies, favorite foods, etc…

At the end of the day business comes down to the people that run them. If you’re able to make personal connections you’ll stand out from the rest of the masses.

Final Thoughts

Developing good habits takes time. That said it’s best to start practicing these habits from the get go. For starters train yourself to adopt the four habits above and you’ll be more successful in business and in life.



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