American Express and Discover Now Supported by Flint

For some time now, we’ve been receiving many requests from our merchants – to be able to accept American Express and Discover card payments. And we have some great news! American Express and Discover cards are now supported by Flint. Visa and MasterCard, of course, continue to be options for payment as well. In order […]

Business Stories

Ben Esner Photography’s Story

BEN ESNER/BEN ESNER PHOTOGRAPHY New York, NY Occupation: Photographer Years as own boss: 1.5 In his own words: “I knew photography was more than just a hobby, when I realized I was seeing the world differently. I saw the light, people and buildings differently. It was a whole new experience than how I visualized things […]


Flint Launches Team Accounts

Today Flint announced the public launch of Team Accounts, which allows multiple users within an organization to use a single Flint account. This upgrade gives business owners control over user privileges, provides individual as well as rollup reporting, and leverages Flint’s card scanning technology to deliver the market’s only team solution that does not rely on external readers […]


Flint App Now iOS 8 Compatible

You may have heard about Apple’s new iOS 8. We’ve been working tirelessly to get a new Flint App ready for iOS 8 and are happy to announce that yesterday we released a new version of the Flint iOS App built and optimized for iOS 8, on the same day that iOS 8 becomes available to the public. […]

Business Stories

Sonoma Forge’s Story

CHRIS ROSANO/VP, SONOMA FORGE Petaluma, CA Founded: 1999 In his own words: “People love faucets. And ours are so unique, there’s nothing like it on the market. Everything is made in CA, made the USA, and customers love that. You tell us what you want, we’ll hammer it out and deliver.” Sonoma Forge Story: Ever […]

4 reasons mobile payments are good for everyone

In our conversations with small business owners across the country, there’s always a lot of talk about what it means to be a “mobile” merchant. Many independent business owners have a centralized office or home base, after all, so they aren’t exactly “on the go” all of the time. The question is, could these types […]

Chance to Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card Code

Flint is the only mobile payment app that automatically syncs all transactions with your QuickBooks Online account. As one of our valued customers, we’d like to offer you a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card code* for connecting your Flint and QuickBooks Online accounts and reviewing Flint on Intuit’s marketplace. If you […]

Business Stories

Corrine Weddings’ Story

Corrine Crocker-Luby, Corrine Weddings. Glastonbury, CT Occupation: Wedding Planner Years as own boss:  14 years In her own words: “Being a wedding planner, I’m almost like a guidance counselor. I love the logistics, taking nothing, and creating someone’s perfect day. Plus, I love flowers and dresses and all the pretty stuff.” Corrine’s Story: Something old, something […]