We understand small business.

Sparking business on the go.

About Flint

Flint makes it easy for people to get paid for their work and to run their business through a simple mobile app – no extra hardware needed.

Rather than thinking about “point of sale”, we started Flint to change the game for businesses, freelancers and non-profits that work outside of storefronts and live on their mobile devices.  We are big believers in the power of the individual to make a difference.

The guiding principles behind Flint are:

  • Getting paid fast is mission critical for you – in person or online
  • All you should need is your phone – no dongles!
  • Give you tools to help you bring your customers back
  • The data is yours including customer contact info
  • Integrate with partners to create seamless experiences

We’ve built a world class team, a unique technology platform, sophisticated card scanning IP, and partnerships with industry leaders to deliver on our promise.


Leadership Team

Greg Goldfarb

CEO + Co-Founder

Venkat Subramanian

VP of Engineering

Jim Gross

VP of Operations

Terrence Sweeney

Chief Marketing Officer

Sergei Gouzeev

VP of Scanning Technology

Markus Hummel

VP of Operations

Our Investors

Flint Mobile is backed by top-tier Silicon Valley investors and mobile operators.


Flint Mobile

2395 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
(855) 487-6957

Monday – Friday

7am-5pm Pacific Time

Have product questions?

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